18 November 2008

The Mighty Hush Lemon Now Drops

Gradually getting round to listening to all the promo CDs that are tumbling through the door at the moment... this one came ages ago but relates to the last post in that The Hush Now are evoking the softer, indie-pop end of the shoegaze spectrum... think House Of Love, though with less levelling; crispier... funny also that the Mighty Lemon drop David Newton is involved in the production because I was reminded slightly of their second LP: more indie ghosts creeping around the margins, indie equivalents of Cathy Dennis; lurkers, keeping their hands in the indie pies, waiting for a sound to catch their attention and kickstart a mini-revival or a spree of eBay activity...

The Mighty Lemon Drops released 8 albums.

I wonder... Aphex Twin claimed he wasn't aware of any of Xenakis, Stockhausen, Tod Dockstader, David Tudor et al... that he came to similar conclusions from different directions... could this be true of the new indie mobs too? ... something in the aether (the ether - a bad pint dream)? ... a sound-meme that travels down the generations, half heard and attenuated, from the kicking fields of Sherborne's Woolmington Pub (some will know) to Portland or Baltimore or Venice... ends up being recycled back into TOP SHOP indie uniforms; a spannered take on the anorak and badly fitting jeans (i.e. jeans requiring effort) of the late 80s...

The Mighty Lemon Drops released 8 albums.
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