16 October 2008

Lullabies From Hell

Reading this at the moment - it's manky manga; depraved and dissolute, very funny in a Brain Dead sort of way. Hugely uneccesary and totally beyond the still-born terror of the likes of the Ring cycle, The Grudge et al. There's eyeball grazing, popping splatter everywhere - made all the better/worse for the cheesily ecstatic drawings, with their quickstep melancholy (I feel bad/Must kill/Like to kill/Must kill again) - an odd, anti-calm pervades throughout, Hideshi Hino is not the least bit Zen... more like a Posy Simmonds strip seen through the gauze of Jack and Dinos Chapman or an aneurysm (Grand Mal?).

Fun Fun Fun ('til her daddy takes the t-bone away)

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