17 September 2008

Blue Velvet

...just rewatched Blue Velvet after about 20 years, this time in a state of semi-consciousness, hypnagogic jumping allover the place and

drifting in and out of sleep seems the ideal way to engage with this film - possibly all his films - for someone who professes to be a painterly director, the visual element is only part of the fun... it's the sound that really disturbs...

Close-miked Chris Watson beatles, fighting for food... match-point flashes... the crackle of osmosis in a rose stem...

Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet

--- singalonga here ---

Blue Velvet is an imaginary soundtrack, a lost Barry Adamson record (I might be guessing but didn't Lynch eventually give in and let Barry have a thrash at the sound design?)

- the film is incidental, can be reduced to the music, the miking, the chemical roar of old car engines, the tyres on the midnight freeway, the footsteps on staircases, the soundbite obscenities of Dennis Hopper...

--- these are samples in search of a song; Hopper makes much more intuitive sense if we see him in this way, if we precog him at the start of a junglist breakdown, a gnarled Fuck in the middle of an old New Beat track ---


Gutter said...

a mate of mine had an album by some group called Spit. one track sampled Hopper's 'Don't You Fuckin look At Me' whilst the vocalist dropped in a few choice quotes in the lyrics - 'baby wants to fuck' etc. which worked quite well. quite surprised i can't think of any other examples off the top of my head.

Loki said...

actually... so am i... i guess i just imagined that i'd heard loads of these samples... someone should get onto this immediately... patchwerk man featuring dennis hopper anyone?

Gutter said...

Cabaret Voltaire - Here To Go - Adrian Sherwood's 'Live Drum Jacknife Mix'

How could I forgot, lol!

Tommy said...

The Plagiarist is easily inspired: To Be Frank

sexy said...







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