27 June 2008

Monsters Born From The Deluge

Off to Glastonbury soon, perhaps, maybe, might be...

One of those: 'meet a rain-blasted dead-eyed Gandalf in a field with a bunch of dodgy wristbands tieds to his necklace of ears' kind of things. Sort of.

Still, as the rain looks likely to hammer down, I'm drawn to memories of past Glastonbury trenchfootings and mustard gassings, and especially Reading 1989 where Swans played to a lightning-struck crowd of unbelievers - documented a little here. Truly a magical moment, one I always think about whenever i'm preparing to go to a Festival. To celebrate I played a little Swans on my i-pod at work and watched the rain adn started to work myself into a frenzy.

Life is unbelievably shite and heartbreaking at the moment for reasons some of you will know but I'm hoping that some rain-soaked transcendance might come my way.

Either that or I'll find myself with crows pecking at my eyes in a far-off field in a far-gone state.

Here's hoping.

And here's Swans, surely ripe for a revival sometime soon...

Swans - God Loves America

Swans - Stay Here

Swans - Weakling

Swans - In The Eyes Of Nature

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