15 May 2008

Return To The Source

Regular readers (Yeah, I know...) will understand that despite the overwhelmingly cool music that I mused to write about on here (and still will, someday)I've always had a terrible aesthetic hangover for the gloriously uncool genre of goa/psytrance that just won't shift, no matter how long and hard I stare at my jazz fingered, spastic-in-time dancing. With this in mind, I recently bought the Return to the Source DBL CD from the heady days of 1995.

The first CD is great moving boxes music and since I've recently moved house it's been on quite a bit.

The music, perhaps the whole genre, is like musical infantilism; resolutely uncool, totally unsophisticated and utterly naive. Just reading the utopian spin of the booklet makes you remember just how long ago 1995 was: people still believed that the whole Megadog / Shamanarchy / Fraser Clarke tangent might actually make the world a better place - contrast that with the thick, delirious bubbling from the dubstep scene (and the associated goddess worship of those proclaiming bassline house as an alternative) and you can see that the zeitgeist has shifted further in the last 15 years or so than anyone might have predicted: no wonder Throbbing Gristle are back on the scene, they must feel like they're returning home to the same issues as before - a full circle that deviated for just a second into a hyperdelic youth...

And now we're heading into recession. Of course, we are. Critics will no doubt suggest that the music is reflecting this change but I'm not so sure that it's not the opposite; that the music is in fact prefiguring the change. Without the dark recesses of dubstep's clattering, there would be no recession.

I heard that the Shackleton record made Ricardo Villalobos cry.

The french-inspired Super Discount spin on electro might save us a little - Daft Punk probably came a bit early - but I'm predicting a new Industrial renaissance so expect more nasty Buchenwald-themed minimalist albums and strangulated SPK samples for a few years yet. They're even releasing supercharged editions of Ramleh albums, for godsakes.

In the meantime, I'll be waving my hands in the air to Doof while putting up bunkbeds. Interesting times.

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kempernorton said...


"Give us back our water!"

How's moving going ? We will be shifting boxes oouselves soon...fed up with a flat filled with rats , moths , maggot and junkie burglars. Text me your new address again ? I lost it.

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