20 May 2008

The Beast That You Are

Got rid of all my tapes last year but still watching stuff pour out from the likes of Raddoo-oo-oon affiliated Night People - who seem like the kind of kids that Kek might correspond with. The cassette culture keeps on, beautiful art brut packaging and stuff that often seems light years ahead (or perhaps behind) the 'real' releases of 'proper' record labels, if only because this market is a captivated one, in all senses of the word. For a couple of quid people will experiment with their purchases and cassettes allow stuff to fallout from bands who would otherwise struggle to find a reason to release things. I sometimes still wish I hadn't got rid of all these little tiny artefacts but console myself in the dark hours with wondering who the hell bought all the micro-label casssettes I gave away to Charity shops - next time, I'm going to put little coded messages inside, leading them to here and other places, see if there's an invisible community out there...

Side A from The Beast That You Are set

This probably isn't the best thing that Pocahanuted have done, or will do, but for a twilight cycle ride into the cold dark heart of the West Country, this is the perfect soundtrack, like wind and bracken and razor-wire forced into musical shapes by a burnt-out composer who once knew Terry Riley but then fell out with him over a bassoon.

For those interested, there's lots of Pocahaunted stuff here. Gorge yourself silly and then get on eBay, find yerself a nice little Walkman and start buying cassettes again. I think I'll join you.

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