11 February 2008

Hallam Foe / 2 Days In Paris

Finally got round to seeing this on DVD and I guess Hallam Foe is exactly like you probably imagine it will be, if you've seen any trailers or interviews or read anything about it. Not bad but not something I can be bothered to write about. Mice hat, which reminded me on an old Yeovil saying 'Badgers never let go'.

A few tracks from the soundtrack here

2 Days in Paris on the other hand was tremendously unsettling since it seemed to be an only slightly skewed transposition of conversations I've just had onto the screen in a film which lopes around like it's been made by Woody Allen's younger cousin. I can't honestly tell you if this film was good or bad (and why would you care?) but it made us giggle like drains, even if I'm guessing that for almost everyone else on the planet it could be a little annoying.

Like my own life, this definitely would be improved by some zombies and cheerleaders.

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