06 December 2007

Dr Edward Moolenbeek

First heard of this guy via the Hafler Trio part of the book of interviews Tape Delay and assumed he was a fiction until he turned up at my place of work three days ago, taking a seminar in the archaeology of sound. Didn't get to hear his lecture (there was a minor student explosion in the Senior Boys Common Room which required more or less instant attention) but I did get to speak to him in the car-park afterwards and we discussed his work with the Hafler Trio or "Half-wits," as he affectionately calls them (something about the royalties for a recording of an turtle synapse). They sound like a wild bunch; Chris Watson recording the precise moment (the mathematics went beyond me after the first graph, drawn in the air with a frazzled claw) that he became addicted to parmesan ("a parmesan addict is the perfect metaphor for control"), Andrew McKenzie catching himself lost in music while taping the silences off daytime tv, all three of them catching a temporary strain of marburg while fishing for crabs in a Creech St Michael pond...

He smiled as he told these stories but he seemed a little bitter at how things had worked out. The Hafler Trio became a multi-million selling band only after he left (no real surprise; sadly he's not a poster boy) and he blinked a little too much when I mentioned the impending Hafler's Big Tops greatest hits release, soon to be ripping through the Christmas album charts.

Still, he warmed a little when he talked about his work with the Blank Workshop and I said I'd help spread the word.

Some Hafler albums (Ed said you should download everything you can because they deserve it - I, of course, couldn't possibly comment except to say that, with these big boys, the music and the packaging are a seamless whole):

((((((Links Gone)))))

Don't want the Halfer Trio to become another GutterGate.


Somnimage said...

DO me a favor and please take the downloads of The Hafler Trio down.
I am one of the record companies that releases Andrew's music. What makes you think it's ok to steal from him?
If you want to help people discover his work, post links to all of the small labels that work hard to make it available.
Mykel Boyd

Gutter said...

You met Moolenbeek?! He really exists??! You're shitting me!!!

Gutter said...

^^^better do as the man sez. while you're at it link to Watson's knew 7@ on Touch.


Somnimage said...


mlb said...

I agree with mr. Boyd/Somimage, please respect the work of the artist and remove these links.

to buy h3o check out korm plastics, die stadt, nextera, soleilmon etc.

Loki said...

wow... I'm a firestarter..

first link to another site with whole albums and i'm making whoopee... very exciting... I'll take the links down and slope off, crisply chastened...

John said...

I can't believe you're particularly shocked at the response to your posting Hafler Trio stuff online, with Andrew's very intense feelings on the subject of copying his work being as public as they are.

The archaeology of sound! I love it.

cocaine jesus said...

Dr. Edward Moolenbeek / artists (D)
Profile: Although he turned out to be a fictitious person, Dr. Edward Moolenbeek was credited as being one of the founders of H3O and performing on their early works.
In Groups: Hafler Trio, The
Name Variations: All | Dr. Edward Moolenbeek | Dr. E. Moolenbeek

que sera

huncke said...

** there were lights that never went out ..

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