26 October 2007

Third Band

Conceived by pop svengali "Kolonel" Kek-W as the west country's response to the early 90's boy band craze, Westlite comprised the following:

Psychbloke (the one with the big lips)
Glitch (the one who left to become a farmer, like that Alex James from Blur)
Gutta (the 'urban' one who had to do the rapping bits)
Cloudboy (the serious one with the woolly hat)
Lo-Ki (the one who shagged Lulu)

They failed to chart and disbanded several hours later, although Kek and Cloudy still work some of the old routines in Minehead and Weston during the summer season....

1 comment:

farmer glitch said...

Man - totally forgot that Boy Band phase we all went through - but one thing I am sure of is it twas I that got to shag Lulu - or was it maybe that one from Abba - flip - all seems so veyr long ago ...

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