17 May 2007

Werewolf By Night


Blubird - The Way You Thought It Was

A Yousendit Indie-Unlikely

Werewolf by Night, watching helpless as someone is suspended from ropes of pure energy, their arms outstretched, something voodoo happening. All is gnash and impotent howling while out of the aether a songform begins, making slow, uncertain, perfectly-pitched tiny gabbles and wings and goffs...



This will turn into something else.

These girls seem to be 12 and 13. No longer policemen getting younger. Burning Star Core has an average audience age of 15 - a median of 7, if you can believe it, while latent 3 year olds (i.e. 4 year olds) are in a more or less constantly agitated state of denial with regard to UK Subs tunes played on electronic bubble machines and sent over their cot by well meaning, Morrissey-quiffed monsterDads. The target population for Modest Mouse marketing is 19 but the hotter the sound (with heat operationalised as the number of contact-mics used), the younger the audience - stick your nose in to the average Focus Group focus group or take a spin with the braves and squaws in the latest Racc00-00-00n release van marketeering venture - a Bedford, stacked with vegetable matter and Marshalls, playing Iron Butterfly records backwards and loud. Colchester next.

33% of the people who bought the latest Throbbing Gristle long-player were less than 13 years old. Think about that for a second.

The children are taking over. This time last week, Blubird would've been 17 or 18. They'd have scabbed their knees in the playgrounds of Camden and the University of East Anglia (hereafter UEA). They've had drawn rough arcs in the sand as bigger girls twisted their arms in odd crochets, forcing ligetiesque timbres from their mud-soaked throats.

But now.

But now.

12.5% of the people who bought Hair Police t-shirts in the last tax quarter had not yet finished their primary education. Think about that.

*source of the infamous 'from-the-ground-to-the-air slapping technique is unknown. Maybe Eastenders. Maybe early J.Chan.


kek-w said...

Art by Don Perlin, I think, who drew WbN after Ploog's short run (and some issues by the late, great Tom Sutton).

Looks like maybe Vinnie Colletta inking, but might be Perlin inking himself.

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