19 May 2007

Hell Is Invisible...Heaven Is Her/e

PTV3 step back into the slightly knotty hyperdelia they were churning out circa 1985/86. There's an air of triumphalism about this record, as if finally Gen feels he's getting some kind of recognition. There's a fair amount of 60s retroscending - traces of Acid Drops, Fug throughs, various Nuggets but to me it mostly sounds like an old Cordelia Records tape sampler, gradually unravelling, perhaps being tugged by The Bevis Frond, perhaps letting an Ozric Tentacles sub-species fuck around with the synths.

For those of you easily appalled, I mean this in a good way.

There's always been an arch sweetness around the eyes of PTV (though the only time I ever came face to face with Genesis, he terrified me) and even when that lovable dope Gibby Haynes from The Butthole Surfers steps in on vocal duties (on Maximum Swing) there's a manic love in the air, a Banana Splitting that seems to lead inexorably to the ten minute Just Because which could have been on Live In Tokyo - in fact, I think it was on that record, only called I Like You...

There's people who'll hate this with a passion usually reserved for the Hanta virus but there's something utterly magic(k)al about Gen's voice that shatters symbols and stops my cynicism dead in it's tracks. I have a feeling he might be Derren Brown in another life. Though Gen, of course has prettier hair.

PTV3 - Lies, And Then

A Yousendit ? and the Mysterians Rated X Tissue Sample

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