03 April 2007

Out Out Out

During the bi-annual Loki family musical re-education session yesterday, right in the middle of my earnest, ill-meaning lecture "Electronic Noise 1974-2007: A Panapoly of Parallaxes"*, the littlest Lokis (6 and 9) suddenly fell into fits of giggles as Non's "Out Out Out" came on. I'd been explaining the transcendental nature of noise music and they'd already shown a decent appreciation (as measured in parental glow and ice-cream scoops, thrown Pavlov(a)-style at the little mutts) of Basinski's Distintergration Loops, some early Bianchi/Bennett collaborations and almost the entire TG Part Two: The Endless Not (of more later) but I had a feeling that Non was going to be trouble and so it proved. All my hard work blown away when the littlest Loki of them all looked up, mid-hysteric, and asked:

"Why does that man keep yelling 'Ouch!' If he's hurt himself the first time , maybe he just ought to give up?"

I have to say, she has a point.

Non - Out Out Out

A Yousendit Crowdpleasing Yellathon

*Probably not free at Goldsmiths University as part of the Noisebauten Centenary

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