17 March 2007

Hubersnaps And Churnings


Man Caught In Taxi With Ridiculous Excuse is the penultimate track on the impossibly rare, never to be released debut CD-R by The (Other) Door - 2 lads from the dankest corner or the Somerset Levels, sharing teeth, eyes and a breakdancing fetish that asks for nutty wood over lino and pedestrianisation.

It's rretrro urrGoa with twwo twwists, one knotted and keen, the otherr grroaned and humble. The 2001 samples come directly from 9 separate white-label 12"s circa 1991. The sample of the cupboard falling downstairs is conemporary. The lags are still missing.

The (Other) Door - Man Caught In Taxi With Ridiculous Excuse

A Yousendit Shardinky

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Anonymous said...

Nice SNR on that eye diagram

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