17 March 2007

The Banana Splits

Haven't dreamed about these guys for a while but I think they should come back. A live action movie, a graphic novel ('the dark side of Carry On etc'), a commemorative tea-towel. They should be on pencil-cases and sharpeners. All this stuff about the Environment and Richard and Judy and Abu Ghraib is getting me and my small kids down. Comic Relief didn't help much either.

The Banana Splits - The Tra La La Song

A Yousendit Rattlebag and Candy-stripe


St. Anthony said...

Where are the Splits when we need them? I used to like the other cartoons on the programme ... "open sesame!"

kek-w said...

"Size of a water-buffalo!"

kek-w said...

"It's Danger Island next!"

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