20 January 2007

El Mundo Frio

I always thought Boris were overrated and so it proved to be. Even when they're putting the con into conjoined like a sludgestoner Orm and Cheep with Merzbow or Sun O)))) they still look like they're trying too hard; missing easy kicks in the head or haymaking rights and getting pounded with hi-Karate by the Corrupted boys, tag-team extraordinaire, who settle into a groove and go the distance, refusing to be easily drawn into playlists or compilation CDs, laughing in the face of the i-death of the album, strapping on, strapping down and lifting off.

Corrupted's El Mundo Frio effortless drifts from power chordic grunting to sweet harp pickings and back again. It's only got one track, a long, slow, 70 minute ache - almost still in places - and it's put together with such precision and lightness of touch that you almost forget this is the still largely unreconstructed end of the stoner rock template - nothing as gracefully artistic as Om, for example. It's frighteningly sure of itself, arrogant even, especially when it slows to almost AOR pace and dares you to imagine Chris Rea is about to start singing but it's wondeful to think that there are genre artists out there willing themselves to push metal, of all genres perhaps my least favourite, further out there. They remain my favourite Spanish-language Japanse doom metal band for the third year running.

Corrupted - El Mundo Frio

Courtesy of the kind people at Blood Is Truth

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