30 September 2006

The Whorling Of M.

Apparently recorded in the down-time between recordings and placed inconspicuously in the gaps between the end of the last track ('Mono-lithic not Monolithic, Simon!) and the general CD splutter on their Cawls And Repose CD-R, here is the once 'lost' (as Justin reminds us: "Nothing is ever lost; everything we've ever done or ever will do is up here...") 1 minute 23 version of The Whorling of M. previously only found as a 23 minute 1 extended misture on the Broken Face Charlottes, Harlottes and Car-lots compilation.

I prefer the 1.23 version, myself. The other one goes on a bit.

The (Other) Door - The Whorling of M.

A Yousendit is musichaeological hypnobeaming


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