28 June 2006


X-Cetra - Conversation/Idiotic/Wasn't There

this is actually part of the much lauded / much deluded 365 Days project, hosted by the Ubu Web people and appeared like a heat rash on my i-pod without me ever having downloaded it. I've talked before about how not knowing what the track is without plugging back into the Mac and how that changes the listening subtly, removing knowledge from the equation and replacing it with hearing and aesthetics and this song(s) is a case in point; at first I figured it was some Planet Mu artist trying to sound retro or else some Spanish techno with cut-up english language lyrics stolen from paedophile (in the old sense) surveillance - then it sort of tries to be POP but misses the mark a little and turns into something altogether stranger...

Whatever, I was not listening to this as a 365 Day thing i.e. as a curio... to my ears it sounded very deliberate, with drum recorded in a similar way to The Focus Group, that dull, almost echo... It sounded very considered, even when at around the 3.45 minute it segues into something less otherworldly and more recognisably amateur (though would I be wrong to suggest just a hint of DFA-style production?).

Otherworldly segues into Unwordly but even then there's just something wrong about this in all the right ways.

It doesn't sound like ten year old girls and there's something a little soiled about finding out how is singing, especially in the Conversation section because it If, in 5 years time, Littlest Loki comes up with something this good, I'll be a happy Dad indeed. Spelling could improve though.


Cloudboy said...

surprisingly groovesome

Prmod Bafna said...

Quite so.

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yeah the most of the people think in this fusion as something strange, but in my case I lived the age of the music in where all was mixed.

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