16 June 2006

Watership Down's Syndrome

Music followed me around today, my scrambled, busted ipod shuffling [illegible]uncharacteristically aligned soundpools. First, heading to work through the backfields it kept spewing [illegible]:

Hush Arbours - if there be spirits, let them come

[illegible] delicate sounds mixing with the external fuzz so perfectly that it seemed oddly delegated, [illegible] who looked a lot like Tinker from Lovejoy came out of the tunnel by the Black Bridge [illegbible] yelling soundlessly (well, sometime had to tell them, they're taking liberties ) at the kamikaze rabbit hordes jumping in and out of the hedgerows [illegible]

Watership Down's Syndrome.

Then, as I came out of the country and into the industrial estate at the back of Bridgwater this:

John Foxx - The Garden

A Yousendit Slashtubitch

[illegible] the same song only [illegible] back in time (or forward into the future, where nature sounds are wholly transposed and unnatural and [illegible]?), an aural equivalent of 'i remember this when it was all fields'... becoming more metallic and synaesthetically edgy as the softness of the fields, lakes etc fell away into the carpentered world of the town...

Otherwise, I'm liking the green.

1 comment:

kek-w said...

Hush Arbours - yay! Keith Wood rules!

X-pect a Keith Wood post reeeel soon!

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