03 June 2006

Hammerhead Dreaming

Dreamt that hammerhead sharks were attacking the house, fractalling allover the place into blues and greens and purples and speaking like the lovers in Maldoror, angry at things I couldn't see.

Tuna nets, probably.

They swim circling, keeping each other in sight, and each thinking: "I was wrong all along. Here is one more evil than I." Then in unison they glided underwater towards each other, in mutual admiration, the female shark slitting open the waves with her fins, Maldoror's arms thrashing the water; and they held their breaths, in deepest reverence, each one anxious to gaze for the first time upon his living image. Effortlessly, at only three yards apart, they suddenly fell upon one another like two magnets, in an embrace of dignity and gratitude, clasping each other tenderly as brother and sister. Carnal desire soon followed this display of affection. Like two leeches, a pair of nervous thighs gripped tightly against the monster's viscous flesh, and arms and fins wrapped around the objects of their desire, surrounding their bodies with love, while their breasts and bellies soon fused into one bluish-green mass reeking of sea-wrack, in the midst of the tempest still raging by the light of lightning; with the foamy waves for a wedding bed, borne on an undersea current as if in a cradle, rolling and rolling down into the bottomless ocean depths, they came together in a long, chaste, and hideous mating!... At last I had found somebody who was like me!... From now on I was no longer alone in life!... Her ideas were the same as mine!... I was face to face with my first love!

But from that dream came the links between:

Danielle Dax - Hammerheads


Kate Bush - The Dreaming

both Yousendit Gothalemmings

which now seems an oddly unexplored link or else something that's been out there for a long long time and has somehow slipped past me.

In other news.


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Wow that's very impressive I guess that saw this "plot" in one movie which I can't remember the name right now.

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I love how dreams have an effect on one's thought process throughout the day.

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