17 June 2006

Bird Flu

From disease to dance in a one leap of faith, the Bird Flu dance craze makes you almost proud to be human. You can see why Doctor Who likes us. Our ability to assimilate the destructive and fearsome into the ridiculous has yet to be bettered in the universe. C'mon everyone, do the Bird Flu...

1Dance and Sample King - Bird Flu

A Yousendit Flapathonic EarNoiseThroat Workout

Apparently this originated from Didier Drogba in the hothouse congo land of Chelsea Lane, near Dr Martens and Carnaby's Street (Gawd Bless You etc). After eating an unfortunate paralegal pie from one of the numerous London Pigeon sellers (see em on the street corners, collars thick with muesli and feathers) Didier fell into a beatific / brain tumored trance, only re-emerging, phoenix like and flapping when someone reminded him that he was due to play Argentina on the 10th June...

The associated body contortions and gurnings were caught on camera by a certain Miike Maloney (he of the "If you'd seen the two moons of the thumb-tacked Serengeti...") who sent the film crossways to the Carribean where Jamaican DJs Sample King and 1Dance put together the novelty track that almost everyone in Somerset is dancing to right now.

Seriously, it's like Dancing In The Street. Only with less colourful jackets and a shit more tweed.

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