01 May 2006

We're Going On A Boar Hunt

The Loki family spent most of the Weekend practising spear throwing with the Iron Age folks at the Peat Moors Centre and today we went to the North Petherton woods on the Loki family's bi-annual Boar hunt.

To prepare and to raise the bloodlust, the littlest Lokis were made to listen to several sonic tablets, key amongst them the wonderful Saharan (?) music by Tinariwen and some manic Gypsy stuff both found via Mudd Up!!.

Gypsied up and raring to go they put on their wellingtons, strapped on their crossbows and spent a bit of quality family time bouncing in neat piles to the Forensics Dubstep Mix 18 via the beautiful bodies at Barefiles.

With the passive/aggressive issues worked out through intense family planning, we were ready to hit the forest...

But... nothing. For the 3rd year running we found no boars. We did find some leftover cat bits, a jar of gnat honey and another shrunken head.

Coming back home, somewhat depleted, one child lost forever in the smoked bracken, I noticed a message that leads me to suggest that Gristle fetishists and NWW List obsessives might want to have a look at Albrecht D - Endless Music (1974)...

I'm downloading it right now and dreaming of bad blood.

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