29 May 2006

From Disco To Dirty

Well, Pete was right, I'd forgotten all about Sleazy's vocal contribution to Coh's Love Uncut EP but I guess the question still stands: quite why I'm thinking about it a half a year later though is a more difficult one...

Coh - My Angel (Director's Cut)

A Yousendit Soulburn

Well maybe not that difficult.

Yeah, I know; another Coil related post is kinda preaching to the con(per)verted but this EP may have dropped under some Coil fan's radars and it's certainly worth picking up if you can find it, especially for Health and Deficiency: Love's Septic Domain with Jhon Balance singing about dirty hospitals in a rough twin of Thighpaulsandra's Christ's Teeth: (featured on the Russian Coil tribute)

Thighpaulsandra - Christ's Teeth

A Yousendit Teethpull

"Zimmer frames can kill you, they'll get you in the end... You can never trust them; they'll never be your friend..."

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