19 April 2006


Found this via Dissensus.

Turn away now.

If it helps (it won't), play this while you're grazing the deaths:

Coil - U Pel (Incense Offering)

A Yousendit Conflagration

It's from the Bonus CDR of the Moon's Milk (in Four Phases) collection, for those of you who don't know. An Odd, wavering instrumental that to me sounds like it could have been used to good effect in Mysterious Skin (alongside the otherwise excellent contributions from Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie).

I haven't heard the other tracks on the CDR - any good?


Cloudboy said...

Prefer the bonus CD that came with the first edition of ‘Music to Play in the Dark Vol 2’, myself - more drama. Although I liked the ‘Coppice Meat’ track for its queasy rambling not un-similar to the ‘Sea Priestess’ off Astral Disaster.

Loki said...

you mean the live time machines stuff? yeah, excellent... would have loved to have seen Coil at that point... i saw them as they were coming out of the cosmic drone period and starting to do songs about Cher...excellent but almost an entirely different group... i'll be scanning rottenmeats for a coppice post.... ;)

Cloudboy said...

yes absolutely classic - played the live 'circulating' trk to death at the time... i was lucky enough to catch them during their 'Constant Shallownes leads to Evil' tour - swinging light bulbs and swarming noise - delicious...

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