22 April 2006

A Loop In Time

i-pods catch you unawares. They answer questions you haven't yet thought about. Make imaginary movies out of the slimmest of events.

I don't think I've ever owned this album by Wally Brill but yet the track "A Loop In Time" just came on as I was in the midst of some utterly prosaic gardening (as opposed to?) and caught a precious moment: the two littlest Lokis (8 and 5) struggling with an empty upturned 20' inflatable swimming pool as it flapped against them, flipped over and over, sent them sprawling and back again, caught their breath, flustered them, made oxes and carts out of them, sent them tumbling into giggling fits and pique, wrestled them to the floor, mud-spattered them, energised and enthralled them.

Yeah, I know; it's about as crap as that drug-dealing kid on American Beauty looking at the carrier bag...

But, though this track is really nothing more than a slightly better done re-run of the Deep Forest / Enigma schtick, when it gets suddenly sliced into your life like that it does open a few doors and reminded me again that music can arrest you regardless of it's origin, it's belief systems, it's difficulty...

And I may even check out the album because you can't afford to ignore the faint possibility that these small moments might be leading you somewhere.

Wally Brill - A Loop In Time

A Yousendit Semblance

1 comment:

Molly Bloom said...

'The Great God Pan' is a marvellous text.

Also, I really liked this download. Thanks!

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