18 March 2006

Women that Yell - Part Two

Beastings - Chrystal Belle Scrodd
Ahh, it had to be someone of great originality to pair up with Mr Stapleton and Diana Rogerson fulfilled all expectations. Delightfully foul-mouthed and with a vocal style that had a ‘missed yer medication’ vibe the formally named Chrystal Belle Scrodd was a great addition to the NWW armoury.

Taken from the Beastings comp from the long defunct World Serpent label, the selected track was a toss up between the musical carnage of ‘Reach for your Gun’ and the dirty minded ‘Cradle your Snatch’ but the Karl Blake guitar and the crazy sax scrawl on the latter, ended all indecision.

Disc rot has taken hold of my copy (being minted by PDO) and it has acquired a holiday bronze celebrities would kill for - lucky the music hasn’t suffered yet, so enjoy the harpy richness of Cradle your Snatch. (dwld expired)

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