03 March 2006

The Wild Boys

Re-reading this at the moment, partly because of things like "You touch him you get sores itch you scratch spread sores feel good scratch more scratch self away" which is probably about the algebra of need or something but seems more or less exactly to echo my thoughts about work right now and partly because it's my fourth favourite bookcover ever.

To celebrate, here's my fourth favourite disco track:

Donna Summer - Wasted

And my fourth favourite Coil track featuring Marc Almond:

Coil - Dark Age Of Love

(both YouSendIt conks)

Actually, I miscounted. Wasted is my third favourite disco track. Sorry for any inconvenience. I hope it didn't spoil your viewing too much.


Bill German said...

I am tryin to give up sex and drugs but I will keep drinking. Help, stop the clarity. Donna summahhhhhh is funny shit. I used to love her music. I will settle for whitney houston.

shepherdofsharks said...

wasted is such a nice song

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