01 March 2006

Princess Superstar

This song makes me smile whenever I play it. Sometimes that's enough.


It also makes me think of Grant Morrison, something about the way she spews things out and gets obsessed with turning into cereal reminds me of the first arc of The Filth and I like appropriate uses of robotic voices; somethings work better in place rather than out.

Finally, I like the way she says 'weird'.

I'll be around sooner or later with some fruity free-folk or some heroin-jazzed harpsichordidelica, maybe a little deathrock or some nasty noisebutts but I'm one of the happy people at the moment so I'm just gonna let the Princess soak me like a weak Heroin drink on a hot Summer's day.


shepherdofsharks said...

i like that you post Can and then this. it's like, fun. thank you.

Blisspop said...

Hi there and thank you for visiting the blisspop.com hit parade. I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from direct linking to files on the site. Thanks!


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