10 March 2006


The best raised chair, lazer-gunning, cack-wheeled vehicle I had at my disposal. Imagine this monkeyshin racing towards yer crappy Luke Skywalker figure...

And while you're there, have a listen to this:

Steven Jesse Bernstein - No No Man (Part One)

"Midight and the sunglasses twirl..."

And we've all had that "Face like a butcher's board" moment.


fnordboy said...

Ahhh, no no. SJB Prison is amazing, and so are the Micronauts. I went home last year and found to my dismay that my parents had sold my old Micronauts in a garage sale. I thought I'd be able to give 'em to my kids.

Loki said...

mine have deassembled themselves too... gone back to the alternate universes from whence they came... as for SJB, yeah I love that album, another of those tracks that I heard in the dead of night on Brighton Festival Radio and then spent the next ten years tracking down... the backing works really well, in a way that the stuff with Burroughs often doesn't... i think Steve Fisk actually listened a little to the rhythm of the voice...

Anonymous said...

Hey, there is a Jesse tribute page now on MySpace:


check it out.

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