09 March 2006


In the dag nasty village of Servile near Honiton at the back-end of the last millenium, Morph and Mindy played a gig at the Retreat And Asunder which ended with 3 close-miked badgers invading the stage, their subsonic snuffling, snooting, howls and hooting eventually cleaving the audience in half - those kneeling in supplication and generally digging the sounds (example: "Kinda Fennesz, kinda Nautical Almanac...") and those who'd come for the customary last song apple n flour n white noise fight who left disgruntled and disorientated (though not as disgruntled and disorientated as the badgers) to trainspot Come Org covers in a cafe across the road.

The Servile gig, ostensibly a triumphant homecoming for the all conquering Morph and Mindy, became a watershed for the duo, who decided then and there to ditch the easy world of the multi-million dollar noise music festival circuit and head off in a brand new, more dangerous direction - the world of folk-pop.

"We were tired of the same old mutilated penis collages and bone-tingles," said Morph in an interview with American GQ. "It was all too chocolate box. Sony were throwing money at us, just for Mindy's blood gargling tapes and Ramleh and Robbie Williams kept coming round the studio with their crew, trying to get us to chew up their mastertapes. It was sort of pathetic and scary all at once."

The duo's latest album then is a move away from their noise roots and into far darker, most experimental pop terrain. Spindle and The Begnut Tree is a concept album of sorts with a theme that "Explores the role of wood in the beginnings of the world".

The duo disappeared into the studio for 9 long years (i.e. 7 years) only emerging recently with a brand new album and new 'pop' sound.

This track, due to be the album's first single, is a churning meta-pop ballad complete with Orca breath, two types of recorders, the primitive circuit-bending of a childs electronic bicycle trumpet and very silly pagan chanting.

Morph and Mindy - Gurnings

(a Yousendit...)

(from the album Spindle and The Bregnut Tree)

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