13 February 2006


Last night, half-term holidays here, me and my little munties (8 and 5 - Jedi / Doctor Who and Butterfly / Rose Tyler respectively) played zombie movies in the graveyard by the light of the full moon. For children, there's something instinctively attractive about torches flicking into the night sky. The darker it gets the more they like it and I'm convinced it's not because darkness = mystery but because darkness means the torch beams slide out more effectively.

It's The Light. The Flicker. The Light.

Oh God Help Me What Have I Done?

I made one of these, when I was in a house of women.


Nic Dafis said...

Hey, me too.

Loki said...

like the pic... anything interesting happen or just the regular nine-pack of Nurofen needed?

Chris Hopper said...

Thank you so much for the link to the virtual dream machine! That is so cool!

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