12 January 2006

Under Blue Skies: "Completely And Utterly"

This will probably mean very little to almost everyone but I'm still glad someone's finally put a Chesterfields compilation together: anyone out there want to join me in listening to this in a tent with a coupla cans of Autumn Gold cider, a barrel full of alicebanded indie-chicks and a nice stripey sweater?


kek-w said...

Coincidentally, was talking to Mark Barber of the Chesterfields via email only a handful of days ago, and Dave is never far from my thoughts.

Cider and tents: yeah!

Nada on the alice-bands, though. If C-86 chicks had worn rubber catsuits, I would stil lbe championing it.

I was a "Hou-Hou-Hou-House Nation!" Kid.

Jun Eric Pilar said...

Whew...I miss those hazy days of great music & thanks mate for the compliment & it's good to know how old those dancin' shoes are...

I'll be joinin' you ta:)


Anonymous said...

I' d come if I could, though I'm miles & miles away, by the place under misty mountains.

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