30 October 2005

S.A.L.T. 666

As a not-at-all veiled tribute to the, um, excellent Channel 4 Documentary The Curse Of The Omen (Scary fact you didn't notice guys: Every single one of the cast and crew of that film will die. Every single one of them.) here's the legendary speech-making Chief Whip Thewlis in sample form talking about the true meaning of 666, evolution and so on... the last decent grab The Orb managed before they fell off their own antelope.

It's actually pretty good - nasty, weak drums notwithstanding, with some dark/pretty noises weaved in amongst all the sampled ranting. There are a coupla bits that don't sound like someone just had the film on while the rest played monkey with the beats.

And how come this film has never been re-released on DVD? It's been so long since I've seen it that I've forgotten if I actually liked it but it did at least give me one Mike Leigh film to discuss with my friends. It's the beard, I think.

The Orb - S.A.L.T


scot said...

Anything that Irvine has his hand in is pretty money. I wish we has his shite over here......

Helen said...

Dissensus telleth on your time.
Happy birthday to you.

Nick said...

It has been. The right way.

Criterion Collection!

Enjoying yer blog...thanks!

jason said...

Good news-

Naked has been released over here in the States in a Criterion 2-disc set featuring commentary from Thewlis and interviews with Leigh and Thewlis.

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