09 October 2005

Masonic Distress Signals

"That man, he's all-"

"Yeah, bag of elbows. Yeah yeah. Move on. Look! There's a squirrel."

"No, really. I think he's got his limbs crossed. It's like-"

"Do you think you can eat these? It looks like rocket..."

"..it's like he's trying to unfold himself."

"No reason he wouldn't be, I suppose. Come and look at this; I think it's a badger set. be careful not to wipe your scent off."

"How do I do that?" {PAUSE} "I don't think he has the right number of arms and legs. Maybe that's what he's looking for..."

"This is a foxglove, at least I think it is... very poisonous. Almost meaty."

"Urf. I think he's seen us!"

"Just keep your eyes looking down. There might even be some animal tracks. Don't look up."

"I think he's in distress..."

"Don't look!"

"He is! I can recognise the hand-signals. The way his arms are bending... I'm not sure how..."

"Don't look! Oh God."

"The light...it's burning... I can feel his arms and legs; they're inside me, they're in my-"


When the moon is fat (etc) the Family Loki embark on our now legendary hunt for records in the Hidden Woods surrounding North Petherton. The two littlest Loki children are now adept as woodhogs at the olfactory scrummage and scrabble required to dig out the choicest morcels and, for those attuned to the soft vibrations, obscurities lurk behind every pile of plantflesh and millmound.

Only a week ago, littlest Loki found a 7" inch near-mint copy of The Satin Chickens double-set while middle Loki slid up a tree and came back with three Sun Ra singles in the original picture sleeves. All this while their cigarette-blown Dad (olfactions approaching nil) made do with a nastily etched Tenpole Tudor album and an unwound tape of the very best of Santana.

It's still not known why the records are there, though local mythology suggests a huge Chain With No Name was once erected in this very spot only for nature to regain a foothold in the period just after the war.

Not sure which war they mean.

Whatever the origin, you get the feeling that there are thousands more records out there to find; sometimes after a slew wind or a Deluge they are littering the hedgerows, leached from the ground to flood the pathways. I remember distinctly littlest Loki splashing through puddles of Morten Harket comeback singles and Jeweled Antler Collective CDRs.


Anyway, here's what we found today, courtesy of middle Loki:
Brothers of The Occult Sisterhood - Seer of Broken Spirits .

mp3 via Everything Is Fire


kek-w said...

Ha! I knew you'd like 'em...this one's a bit more pastoral than some of the other, totally fucked-up mayhem that Michael & Co. are currently spewing forth at a rate a knots.

BOTOS: def. a band to watch....

everythingisfire said...

hey there - I'm glad you enjoy the mp3, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't directly link the file from my website. If you'd download it, and upload it your own host that would be best.


Loki said...

apologies everything is fire... i feel suitably chastened...

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