22 October 2005

Drug Hell North Petherton (with Kuti)

...North Petherton descends to Drug Hell... Police been outside and inside all night... big ol country house across the road is now home of an unsightly drug bust / illegal immigrant smuggling racket... the police are at our door, sniffing like hell... everyone can smell marijuana / cocaine / heroin in the wind....

...the rumour mill is cranking into gear: little sniffles of easy xenophobia - "they coulda been, like, foreigners, maybe Swedish or Chinese...it was pretty hard to tell"

No one knows what's what but someone lets out: "apparently they've found a new War Monument up at Kings Cliff; it has all our names on it... I think they were going to kill us all..."

...things like this don't happen much 'round here, even the police are jumping about excitedly, pleased to not have to prop up methadone addicts on the way back from the chemist or slap drunk farm secretaries across the head to loosen the wedged Bacardi Breezers...

And what's the worse thing? Well, i've been looking for a reliable dope dealer for over a year now... can't just buy from anyone (my job kinda causes problems there - no more bounding up to strangers with pop-eyes and yelling quotes from Withnail)... and now apparently there's a full-on cartel just over the road and I've never noticed...

Man, and Fela Kuti thought he had it bad.

Fela Kuti - Coffin For A Head Of State

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