26 September 2005

A slice of experimental pie...


A bit of an unsung hero of the experimental music scene and member of the great drone group Life Garden,
David Oliphant has put some of his more obscure projects available for download – here’s a few favourites…

Maybe Mental - Animism - recorded 1982-1983 (pre sampler) and the 2nd official release with David Oliphant and Donna Anadrillo
One Thing Leads to Another (Live).mp3

To Cease Burning

I Can Only Understand So Much.mp3

To Cease Burning and Quiet.mp3

Cat Head Chimes
project by the Amnesia Quartet - an improvised concoction of found noises and home-made mechanisms hung on a loose jazzy frame… kick back and soak up the atmosphere … the sort of jazz you’ll never see played at any so called ‘Jazz’ festival …

Track 1.mp3
Track 2.mp3

Track 3.mp3
Track 4.mp3

Track 5.mp3

Track 6.mp3
Track 7.mp3
Track 8.mp3

Track 9.mp3

and finally - Experimental Nite at Metropophobobia
Live without edits December 1998 (65:11 mins).mp3

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