20 August 2005

Steve Roach and Wooden Wand

Steve Roach, an obscure cousin of mine, is blogged here along with a great track from the Wooden Wand & Vanishing Voice album Xiao ( available on Troublman Unlimited - though probably sold out by now) which seems to mix white-gospel God bothering with Star Trek sirens (imagine Kirk in the centre, wrestling with She-Ra while the Amazon gals sing along) and lolloping guitar lines that sound a little like The Butthole Surfers at 15rpm.


Psychbloke said...

Actually, aren't you HIS obscure cousin?

Loki said...

you're right; i'm wrong, i've just checked the records...

Man, i gotta work on my obscurity index, it's way too high! Maybe there's some kind of bio-yoghurt that could help

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