12 July 2005

Queen Elizabeth

Following on from the Thighpaulsandra post, here's a missing track from the Queen Elizabeth album that he did with Julian Cope via the Head Heritage site...

Queen Elizabeth - Temple of Diana

A few years back, in the midst of my salvia divinorum experiments*, this was one of only two records I could listen to whilst under the influence. It's made up of just 2 30 min plus tracks calmy undulating and space-popping out across the galaxy. Thighpaulsandra has a rather lovely fur coat on the cover.

Oh happy daze.

*'Experiments' seems a rather portentous title for what basically amounted to hanging around until the children had gone to bed and then making my wife act as a 'silent ally guide' (i read up) while I smoked fingerfuls of 10X extract and lay back to watch my own version of 2001: A Jungle Odyssey.

Weirdly, an old friend from Yeovil - Paul Mysiak - kept making an appearance each time I took Salvia. I'm mentioning this only because one day he'll google himself and find this nonsense and remember why we managed to lose contact.


jam said...

oops... looks like they moved the mp3 - yr link ends up in a 404

just FYI

Buy Viagra online said...

It's perfect because Queen Elizabeth is one of my favorite readings, actually I like the way she fight agaist different adversities and the violence of an angry country.

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