11 June 2005

For The Dead In Space

This looks like it might be interesting. It's a 3 volume tribute to Tom Rapp and Pearls Before Swine featuring an eclectic line-up of psychedelic newborn munkins like Kemialliset Ystavat, Fursaxa, Bardo Pond, Black Forest/Black Sea, Kawato Makoto (of Acid Mothers...), Dead Raven Choir, The Bevis Frond, Tower Recordings, Flying Saucer Attack etc...

Haven't got it yet but since most of these bands have been mentioned sometime or other on An Idiot's Guide it seems likely that I'll like most of the stuff and it's good to see Tom getting some notice other than Gen's dodgy (though, as ever, strangely affecting) vocal-take on Translucent Carriages on PTV's Pagan Day.

And I've been wondering what happened to The Bevis Frond.

Here's some sample tracks from the Secret Eye website where the album is available to buy:

Bardo Pond - Uncle John

Kind of a Spacemen 3 circa Sound of Confusion take, maybe with just a sprinkle of later period Jesus and Mary Chain.

Marissa Nadler - Ballad to an Amber Lady

A little Vashti Bunyan (without Animal Collective): mmmm dreamy.

1 comment:

idleheart said...

whoa! i haven't heard of this compilation, it looks fantastic!!

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