31 May 2005

Shockheaded Peter

As a companion piece to the last post, here's Danielle's Lemon Kitten buddy Karl Blake in Shockheaded Peters mode, from the excellent Rough Trade Post Punk 01 Cd.

Karl Blake's take on zippy stab-jazz blues seems almost like something News Readers might do on Comic Relief Night only there's an odd undertow to the music and when the organ kicks in we're in Nick Cave territory briefly before Karl's geetar work falls over itself and breaks things apart into great gulps before ending up with a talent show gong crack.


Go here for I Bloodbrother Be + a plethora of other crack lullabies by... well, just go and see.

And if that's too much fun, here's a little Black Metal to moisten your soul slipping. Can't say I ever really listen to Black Metal (or Metal of any sort, unless you count Circle) but I have a special little CD-R full of the stuff just in case I feel like stabbing someone.

Aborym - Darka Mysteria

Burzum - Ea, Lord Of The Depths


bestsongsever said...

hi, could you not deep link my files? thanks.


Loki said...

apologies bestever...just found this via exploseek.com... i'll take it down...

thommas said...

Anyone got lyrics of "I, bloodbrother, be", by Shock headed Peters?
Thanx in advance.
email me: nevernatoma@yahoo.com

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