28 May 2005


Collecting dodgy Moog Records is a perilous affair. The late '60s/early '70s were littered with exploitative electronic novelty records, some of which are absolute gems and others just unbelievably bad. I shall have to do a proper post on this subject at some point. For now, let's take a quick look at "Music From Star Wars", performed by The Electric Moog Orchestra, released on Musicor Records in 1977, and modeled here by young Darth Gutta.

Described on the rear sleeve as 'a stunning breakthrough in electronic music', this album was produced by Tom Owen and arranged by Jimmy Wisner, recorded at Minot Sound, NYC in June '77, just in time to catch the first wave of Star Wars mania. Of course, it's mostly a pile of crap, but there's still a few enjoyable moments to found...

Y'know I seriously rate this arrangement, especially when that vaguely discofied beat drops in, with the ominous synth-bass undertow and random lashings of surf guitar entwined with the soaring polysynth strings. Groovy!

Well I had to rip this one too, didn't I? A prime slice of full-on Moog cheese that assaults my senses with it's putrid stench. Just don't listen if you've eaten recently!

The Electric Moog Orchestra also recorded a Battlestar Galactica album (which I've not heard) and a totally off-the-wall version of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, which is loaded with as many crazy analogue effects as you could ever wish for. I'll have to rip some tunes from that one to at some point.

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Robert said...

Loving the moog Star Wars. Subjected my wife to it as soon as it was downloaded.

Basic Hip...

... has some moog stuff as well. If you don't feel like hosting the whole "Close Encounters" album, they might be interested.

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