13 May 2005

Requiem for a Dream

The Film has a bleak, glitchy beauty; oversaturated colours swapping with muted tones of grey-black and brown. The characters are forced into sleep-deprived wastes and forced into admiring each others blim-burns and abcesses, dallying just far enough into Heroin-chic before reversing and sending everything into beautifully shot nevermore.

The ending is shocking and sad in a way very few other film-makers (and virtually no Hollywood bunnies) even aspire to, making Hubert Selby Jr's ever-bleak, one eye open prose spin from the screen. It's one of the best, if not the best drug movies (I'm excepting Beyond the Valley of the Dolls ;))- pushing it's users down drains and into vacant lots and TV rent-back schemes. If anything, it's better than the book - how many films can you say that about?

But this isn't about the film because the most shocking thing about Requiem for a Dream is that Clint (Beaver Patrol) Poppie comes on all Michael Nyman on the soundtrack:

Clint Mansell - Lux Aeterna

Now I loved Pop Will Eat Itself - their James Brown bitchathon "Not Now James; we're busy!" was a perfectly timed anti-everything anthemn that caught the zeitgeist just when everyone was about to start clubbing funky drummers around the chops (and, let's face it, it was amazingly prescient; a terrible portent of things to come for the Godfather of Hyperbole) but you'd hardly expect that Clint, a man who once needed a Grebo Guru, to start churning out indie-classical.

I hear Foetus is doing the new Disney, with Lydia Lunch voicing a crazy cat called Minxie. Zev is currently under contract to sound-style the latest Aardman Animation. Whitehouse have been pulled in to develop the score to Runaway Bride 2: Still Running while The Bodines have teamed up with Yeovil supergroup The Carnations (later the massively misnomered The Beat Hotel) for a series of Eagles covers on the latest Sean Penn miserablepic.

Times have changed. Next thing you know we'll get Surgical Penis Klinik's Graeme Revell called in to score the latest crappy Hollywood...


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Anonymous said...

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