15 May 2005


Ex-Bunnyman Will Sergeant's Glide project plays a kind of happy Summerfuzz techno that seems destined to shy away from the darker, dystopian vistas that characterise seriousnessness, good taste and intelligence in techno/grime/dubstep/electronica at the moment and I can't help thinking that's a good thing. There's always time for sub-Ballardian monstrosities and Burroughs wordpox but, with Summer just around the corner I reckon I'll be playing this happy bunny more than the latest audio nasty from the techno-slums of Chislehurst or Emersham.

You know who you are.

Glide - Spirit

Glide - Gunmachine

Glide - Ipcress

Today me and my two littlest uns went searching in the woods for Gold Dragons and those Dr Who time anti-body thingies on yesterdays show. We found instead a strange circle of flowers and lanterns, hidden just off the main path and did an experimental piece of ritual magic that involved a lot of shouting, some chanting ("Book Elves, where are you?") and climbing up ridiculously steep cliff faces (quite Crowley, I thought as I munched on a Penguin) but the day came to a close around about the time that the conversation turned to Dr Who.

Try explaining to a 7 year old how come Rose saves one person and all hell breaks loose when the Doctor saves hundreds of people all the time all over time and space and nothing happens.

No, I mean it; go and try. There's plenty of 7 year olds still up on the estates. Might save a few cars from the pyre.

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reverberation said...

Will Sergeant's GLIDE project seems to get better and better everytime I hear it. As a lifelong Bunnymen fan I prefer Will's solo work to Ian McCulloch's.

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