06 April 2005

The Vision


The Vision keeps appearing at odd places at the moment, right now he's in the en-suite bathroom, lurking in the corners, manipulating molecules and causing me to slip on left over atoms. Freaky guy, I'll be keeping an eye out for him...

Just completed a very successful mushroom experiment on my wife related to the Kahimi Karie Carmen de-form I posted earlier; she doesn't know and hadn't heard the track before but I've been playing snippets, seconds of it continually throughout the week; she comes into the office, she gets a 5 sec burst as I'm flicking through sound files or a slowed down rattle via Abelton Live or a quick blast as she walks into the kitchen as part of a ffwd. I've also been humming it softly every now and then while in the bath, making the beds etc.

I'm not going into the full on intentions/methods here since they are ridiculously romantic and ever so slightly evil (and the Psychological basis ever so slightly utterly fucking tedious) but, as Habanera came on somewhere in the middle of a carefully crafted associative chain of mixed MP3s which twisted and turned through our musical shared history, the feeling of newness yet knowing, novelty yet familiarity that seemed to arrive in he track's slipstream resulted in a musical blissssssssout I haven't seen in ages...

Needless to say, it's now her favourite song ever too.

One thing though, after 1 hrs sleep, far too many cigarettes and a head like a bucket of Cumin my head feels like a Frisbee, The Vision is really starting to pulse and the kids all want to go to swimming.

I love the smell of chlorine in the morning... Wish me luck pop-pickers...

And, hey, take more psychedelic drugs... you do know they're both big and clever?

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