26 April 2005


Finnish acid/psych/ folk / rock / improv is making me happy at the moment. I've checked everything I can reach and I can't find any tumours. For now, I'll put it down to Jungian synchronicity and I'll let it ride but I'm keeping my eye out and ditching the Gin because I suspect that these damned Finns are putting something in the ice.

Lau Nau - puuportti rautaportilta

The above link was stolen from the fantastic Psychedelic Folk Pages which I've been trawling through like a paedophile at a Christening

Also, Makoto from Acid Mother's Temple has a listening room with mp3s... right now there's Traditional Vocal Music, Stravinsky and Quicksilver Messenger Service (!). There seems no way to predict what's to come.

In the blogs I've really been, er, digging Cred Central - who have a track from the leaking Animal Collective / Vashti Bunyan collaboration as well as a great track from Muslimgauze (who I'd more or less forgotten about... did that guy die or did I dream it?) as well as reading/stealing from Of Mirror Eye who have some more Lau Nau, Animal Collective and Konono's thumb things...

Finally I quite liked this track by Jega , though I'm not sure which buttons it's pressing. I guess the ones that start with metal shivers and tubthumps, descend into almost broken links and robotic stumbles and then ease out into an oddly melodic and soothing roll. Don't like those nasty little snares much though.

Jega - Recursion

A final question: what does happen when you take out both eyeballs and face them towards each other?


Andrew said...

aaaa sweet... someone else has heard of Jega :)

rockage \m/

20jazzfunkgreats said...

You could find some more Finish acid / psych / folk / rock / improv written in Meronian appearing tomorrow on a certain blog.

I think that means you world is full of such huge coincidences my head is going to implode.

If you take out both eyeballs and face them towards each other you see an eyeball i recon.

Always ready to provide some practical help and advice,

Loki said...

but which eyeball? i think we should be told?

kek-w said...

...or Jega Jazzist, as they used to be known: Norwegian hard-disk punk-'jazz'...once described as (I paraphrase) "Squarepusher fucking Thelonius Monk up the arse."

Loads of twiddly bits for people who like Henry Cow or (gasp) Jaco Pastorius after he's been put into a food-blender and randomly reassembled by machine-elves. This is Futurist Post-Prog for the grandchildren of Frank Zappa fans.

I've got a couple of EPs from a couple years back on a Norwegian label that I'd thoroughly recommend...haven't heard the new LP (on Big Dada??), but it had an excellent review in The Wire...enuff to make me consider a punt.

Or are we, er, talking about the Manchester-based electronic musician called Jega who's put stuff out on Skam/Planet Mu...?

20jazzfunkgreats said...

You see both eyeballs, but because human visions stereo you think that you only see one.

The brain makes one image based on the combination of the two images using the difference between them to equate distance, size and all that perspective stuff, so you might see one really big fuzzy out of perspective eye, and think you need glasses.

Try getting a small mirror, closing one eye and holding the mirror really close to the other, that’s similar! (in case your worried I didn’t conduct this experiment of live humans – we had to do it with computers last term in uni, can send you some screen caps if your feeling really nerdy)

Reality is rather boring compared to psychedelic imaginary head fuck concepts I guess, unless you are Julian Cope when reality is an imaginary psychedelic head fuck concept.

Kids, if your still reading please don't try this at home, it could hurt a bit.


Umbagollah said...

I liked your Lau Nau link so much that I'm now trawling through the 'net, finding out as much about them as I can. Thanks for that.

Loki said...

Kek, no idea which Jega this is...one day i will do some actual research for this blog...

and Jazzfunkstuart...cheers for the information - i did 3 years on Perception at Uni and should have known myself but I guess I didn't actually make it to that many classes...

Andrew..thankyou...i am sweet

Umbagolla... thankyou...hope those bands get your support... it's a big hole to dive into but well worth the smell and sludge...

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