11 March 2005

Set me free, why don't you babe.....

Having a chat with fellow Idiot Nick Gutterbreakz last night - decided someone was gonna have to tide things over here on "Idiots's Guide" whilst Loki was out of action. He claims his Mac is playing up, but haven't you noticed an air of studied indifference of late with regard to you members of the MP3 blogeratti? - (Or maybe he got stuck in one big fruityloop.....?)

Anyway - if it's free MP3's you is after, best pop over to Nick. He's got all things grimey and a titlebar packed with more gadgets than Batman's utility belt. Was out with the good Mr Gutterbreakz last night being inducted into the world of dubstep, though I can't of course claim his level of pin-point precision...("I think this is a South, rather than an East London sound tonight..."). He gave me a grand mix CD, which I think I shall pass on to the behorned one when I see him, rather than wait for broadband to hit the North Petherton badlands.

So, down to me......decided against Girls Aloud - I dunno, the leather and motorbikes bit is just a tad, well, obvious, doncha think......?

So, instead, the lovely Debra Stephenson. Her version of 'Set me free' has, ironically, trapped me in the world of impure, base desires. I've completely lost interest in "Celebrity Fame Academy" since she was booted out in favour of comedy-store punk hazbeens and tuneless cheeky chancers. Despite my indifference, it's been hard to miss out on comic relief, 'cos of all the middle-aged, balding guys who look like Minty from 'Stenders, wandering around with their heads sprayed red, looking like malevolent swan vesta matches. I hope this catches on - kinda like trick or treat for adults.

Still, it's all for charidee ain't it? - so why not stop skulking around the internet hoping to score a free MP3 and do something socially useful for once? - Click here....

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