04 February 2005

Rez Mixing It


Missed the point of Underworld - the lager lager's never seemed as ironic as they intended - always preferred I'm Too Sexy (for my shirt) for watching Beer Yeti dancing in Cardiff nightclubs - later, Hot Stuff from The Full Monty - did like King of Snakes I think, but only in the midst of a compilation tape of Radio 4's Mixing It - easily the best radio programme ever, especially the bits where they describe some Merzbow/Hantarash improv like it's Bach:::

"Mmm, Robert, I especially liked the arpeggio 3/5ths in, when the steam hammer starts up and they feedback on themselves..." "I agree, Mark but I think you'll find it's 4/5ths in... and that's a close-miked aphid squall you can hear in the intro. Goodnight!"

and I especially especially like the Classically plum-posh sounding guy/girl at the end of the programme saying things like: "And that was FuckMonsterMonkeySpazz with their track Auto-Didact Pillmunching Pudthumper...You've been listening to Mixing It, produced by..."

but back to Underworld - they were almost always rubbish but Rez is just the best beast riff in techno.

And that guy stops singing.

Here's they are having a crack at it from the Everything, Everything live album:


and here's

Shudder/Kinf of Snakeds

from the same album.

I'm off to Rome at midnight on Saturday so maybe one of the other Idiot's will having something to say...



Anonymous said...

Underworld was never on the horizon of my music listening. Not sure I ever heard them before. But this is really pretty cool. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mixing It on Radio 3? Sorry - nit-picking I know...

Loki said...


ilya said...

My favorite Underworld is Long & Dark that was in Trainspotting. It was awesome for the moment and the dude barely sings in it. It's trancy and it has these deep pads.

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