16 January 2005

Inner City Unit


Sometimes, all you really want after an few hours spent with small children feeding horses and throwing large rocks in muddy puddles is a sax-heavy surf rock version of Wagner's Ride of the Valkryies blown out by some guy who used to be in Hawkwind.

I swear I saw this guy playing at some benefit at Westland Helicopters Sports and Social Club but I'm never sure of anything these days until I've seen the flyer / Western Gazette article posted by Kidshirt

Inner City Unit - Paradise Beach

Anyway, on the way back home, drenched in mud and animal residue, my 7 year old turned around and said:

"You know everyone was a baby who comes from a tummy?"


"Well what about God? Was he a baby as well? I know about Jesus."


After his awkward questions re: God's utter inaction in the South East Asia crisis, I think he's headed for some Theological unpeeling any day soon.

1 comment:

Eric said...

Have you heard their version of "In The Mood" called "In the Nude"? Great stuff.

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