26 January 2005

AK Momo & Thanks


I know I shouldn't but I can't help getting ridiculously over-excited when free stuff appears in the mail. The latest is an album by AK Momo on the Hidden Agenda label coustesy of those nice people at Parasol Records.

It's a sex-wooze kind of record, reminiscent of Felt Mountain era Goldfrapp: lilting vocals, mellotron flushes and oodles of scratchy Optigan (seems a lot of this instrument around at the moment...where do they all get them?)

I feel somehow soiled mentioning this, for reasons I can't quite place. Perhaps this is the first tentative steps towards corporate whoredom. Hope so.

Thanks also go to Marc for his time and patience (sorry for being crap re: ftp) in getting the Jack The Tab album to me; weirdly it sounds better than I remembered. That never happens does it?

And lastly, thanks to
for her kind offer of a hi-tech frisbee. Looking forward to it...

AK Momo - Women to Control

Bugger, just noticed that Mystical Beast has got there before me on the Ak Momo thing...

And I thought I was so special.


Psychbloke said...

On Fluxblog as well - looks like someone's got a good little marketing scheme going on.

I'd embrace whoredom - it'll suit you.

When you get launch party invites can I come too?

Loki said...

No. By then I'll be able to afford better friends.

Republic of Replicants said...


Now where's my copy?

Anonymous said...

Did n`t like it to begin with, and your Goldfrapp comparisons made me think that you`d lost your mind.But.......it`s a grower, I really like it.

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