17 December 2004

Holy Guardian Dopplegangers

This started off as a reply to Psychbloke's comment on the previous post but then u-turned a little...

I guess part of the idea of inviting people onto An Idiot's Guide was to invoke a Holy Guardian Doppleganger and to add a degree of irrationality into the mix; i remember the wonderful moment where Kek's turntablist post appeared out of nowhere and, for a second, as i looked at it on mp3blogs.org i forgot i'd asked him to join and it seemed there was a post of mine i'd somehow missed

...and then there's the wonderful feeling you get when I've posted a bunch of serious muso fluff and the pomposity gets blown apart by a well placed Girls Aloud photo or a John Wyndham Chocky paperback.... excellent stuff! I have to say i know others have serious reservations about opening up their blogs to others but I have to say I think it was a majorly important factor in my continuing...i've never seen An Idiot's Guide as a vent for my viscera, never considered it a source of private language (i'm with Wittgenstein on this - language and therefore thought and being is essentially social) or an emotional outlet, never wanted it to try and illustrate a definitive POV...and now, with my own rambles interjected by others (though not much recently guys!! - Gutterbreakz excepted), I don't think i could face an entirety of my own mind-flushes... who could? K-Punk perhaps ;)

Okay, okay, that's the last K-Punk sniping for a while, I promise; even though he's not a person, I still feel kinda bad that he took that cheap Maternal Deprivation jibe, er, personally

So, to all the members of the West Country Massive; cheers for your contributions so far...you've inspired me no end - even Kempernorton and Farmer Glitch's absence has got me thinking - and I hope this blog continues to fall into itself in the New Year...

BTW, if there are any potential West Country contributors out there who'd like to post in here then contact me - loki@moonshot1.fsnet.co.uk - and maybe I'll send out an invite. I'd like to keep it as West Country as possible (just because I like the idea of some kind of coherency and Geography was my least favourite subject at school)

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Basic Craps said...

Bravo, seems to me, is a magnificent phrase

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