12 December 2004

Everything is Dissolving

Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth

Shpongle - And the Day turned to night

Shpongle - beija flor-tronik

Reading back last night's mid-mushroom post is a sobering experience: everything shattered and then re-aligned. It seems a world away: a Ganesh flip-side with a huge side order of understanding. Time went, light came, I spent a good 20mins talking in mad fast Cody language about my long-deceased Grandad, realising how his genius and his genes are floating everywhere. Then there was a long wonderful moment when our youngest child came in and I realised beyond all doubt that she was the most beautiful divine creature ever created and any guilt about being an irresponsible parent (which my wife and I had freaked about before deciding to take anything) dissolved away and filled the room with warm waves and love and I realised that it's everyone else who'd irresponsible, filling their little children with evil doing and money mania... Deluded? Perhaps, but happily so...

No. This isn't for you. This is to remind myself of how things are in the present.

I'm not going to even try and explain; leave this to the birds. I just know that I understand why I teach Psychology and can't for the life of me understand why anyone teaches accountancy or law. And, I hate to say it, but I think RD Laing might have had a point.


Madness seems a small price to pay for eternal bliss.

Jesus, I think I'm turning into a hippy...

One more thing: I always thought Grant Morrison overstretched himself with the last few episodes of The Invisibles but now I'm almost entirely sure that he got it just about perfect.

More on this later.



Psychbloke said...

RD Laing?
What do you think yer playin' at lad?
A Friday afternoon lesson I 'spose.
It's people like you that give Psychology a bad name (or rather...a good name, which the actuality will never live up to).
RD Laing isn't even on the specification!
Stick to the booklets boy.....

Loki said...

yes he is: psychological theories of Schizophrenia... don't tell me you're still thrashing out those old treatments booklets...

Klintron said...

Nice one. I frickin' *love* Shpongle. Glad to see them get some love here. Need to do some linkin' myself.

Looking forward to the post about the Invisibles as well.

Psychbloke said...

Course I'm still on treatments - we're even going to the old Fraud's house on Wednesday.....

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